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chicken soup


This is a test recipe for a chicken soup

وقت الطهي: 2 minutes
الوجبات: 4 portions
مستوى الصعوبة: سهل
موديل تيرمومكس: TM31,              TM5, TM6
مشاركة وصفة

المكونات والجودة

  1. 1200g water
  2. 500g chicken
  3. 100 potatoes
  4. 1 carrot

الملحقات المطلوبة

  1. 1. spatula
  2. 2. measuring cup

خطوات الطهي

الخطوة 1

Place water in mixing bowl. Insert simmering basket then weigh in chicken wings, potatoes and onions. Add carrot, celery, vegetable stock, oil, salt and pepper then cook.

إعدادات تيرمومكس
  • varoma
  • 40 secs
الخطوة 2

Add rice to stock in mixing bowl and cook

إعدادات تيرمومكس
  • 100 ℃
  • 2 mins 1 sec
  • 2.5
الخطوة 3

Place a jug on mixing bowl lid and weigh in 250 g reserved stock. Add remaining stock to chicken and rice then cover to keep warm. Clean mixing bowl.

إعدادات تيرمومكس
  • 37.5 ℃
  • 1 sec

خطوات إضافية

The method used in step 1 is a simple, fuss-free way to make stock in your Thermomix®, simply discarding the vegetables at the end of the cooking time.