whay-a-demo2A demonstration simply offers the best way to start on this creative journey, with an emphasis on an informal culinary experience in which learning how to use the Thermomix ® is part of the process of preparing incredible food.

Here are five reasons why you should book a demo:

  • A unique culinary experience – Seeing and tasting is believing. Our Thermomix ® advisor will take you on an unforgettable taste trip with proven classic and modern recipes developed exclusively by our own international team of Thermomix ® experts.
  • Make it social! Thermomix ® is too good a secret not to share. We’re happy if you want to make your demo a social occasion so you can enjoy the experience – and a great meal – with your friends.
  • Great food comes home! We offer a demo in your own home, partly because most people find it very convenient, but also − and more importantly − because it shows you that professional cooking really can be achieved in your own kitchen.
  • Discover twelve functions in one compact and powerful appliance. With so many options, we will give you all the time you need to learn how Thermomix ® can help you.
  • A personal experience tailored to you. As individuals and families, we all experience food very differently and there’s no single definition of what great food is. Vegetarian? Need a gluten- or dairy-free diet? Want a home cooked alternative to store-bought baby food? If you have specific dietary preferences or requirements, we will tailor the demo to show you how Thermomix ® can help you achieve delicious, tasty results that fit your lifestyle.