hardwareNo more clutter in the kitchen. Thermomix ®  will sit on top of the kitchen counter and will be used several times a day to prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and delicious treats.  Use the Varoma tray and receptacle for steaming vegetables, fish, chicken or meat. Steaming is considered the best way of cooking as it preserves the nutrients and vitamins of the food and offers you the possibility to prepare healthy, low fat, nutritious food. Use the simmering basket to steam potatoes, rice or vegetables  for complete meals. The Butterfly whisk can be attached to the knife to help you whip cream or whisk egg whites and create a perfect meringue or create fluffy textured mousses.

The accessories included with the purchase of the Thermomix® are

  • Measuring cup
  • Varoma
  • Simmering basket
  • Spatula
  • Butterfly whisk
  • Knife