csm_col3-4_overlay_Family_Shooting-84_e1dc3f7c70Even if you lead busy lives and spend long hours at work or caring for kids and families, eating healthy, nutritious food that also tastes good is now easily achievable  on an everyday basis with the Thermomix®  . You can use fresh, natural, high quality ingredients and avoid armful additives and preservatives to create food that nourishes and delights.

Thermomix® will ensure that you make good , fresh food fast and easy. The cleverly designed Guided Cooking function will even make it easier and will take the stress out of cooking. With Thermomix® you can also control the temperature of cooking, you can set lower temperatures for gentle simmering and the continuous stirring will ensure even cooking in shorter time. Steaming is the healthiest way for  preparing food as food retains more nutrients, colour and flavour. Prepare complete meals by steaming in three levels; steam rice in the basket, vegetables and fish or chicken in the Varoma and even use the liquid from the bowl to create a delicious sauce which will compliment the food and ensure that no nutrients are wasted.

With Thermomix there is no need to buy any ready-made food. You can make your own mayonnaise, jam, nut butter, ketchup, vegetable, chicken or fish stock, ice cream, pizza dough and so many other items that you used to buy. You can even make fresh nutritious smoothies with fruits and vegetables in seconds.

Thermomix® recipes also provide practical nutritional information to help you make informed choices and meet any dietary goals whether this is weight control or cooking safe food for people with allergies or food intolerances.