touch-screen2If you are using the Guided Cooking feature, the  Thermomix ®  will direct you through a step by step recipe on the colour touchscreen and will even set the scale, time and temperature when needed; you only need to add the ingredients and follow the instructions on the screen. But even when you choose to cook manually, you just need to set the time, temperature and speed and Thermomix ® will complete a task and let you know when it is finished. Cooking all kind of dishes is easy, fast and effortless. You can even add some water and little dish-washing liquid after the meal is done and  Thermomix ®  will wash it self.

Even though Thermomix ® is such a multi-functional  appliance it is incredibly simple to use and guarantees perfectly consistent results time after time. Accurate time and temperature settings and a variety of functions will help you create even the most sophisticated dishes and will satisfy the more demanding chefs.