scaleSimply press the “Tare” button to reset the scales to zero each time you need to add and weigh a new ingredient. With the new TM5, you can now also use the scales while the motor is running at low speed, which means you are able to add additional ingredients as you work. There is no need to pause, so it’s even easier to cook with as much precision as you like.

For everyday use in the kitchen, this translates into simplicity, speed and one less device on the worktop. No need to get out a separate scale and another bowl for weighing ingredients – so less washing up too! You can even pause a cooking step and weigh in more ingredients then when you resume cooking your Thermomix remembers where it got to and finishes the cooking step.

And with Thermomix’s ® guided cooking options, the integrated scales mean that following recipes to achieve perfect results is now even easier.