Sophisticated, intelligent technology and a variety of recipes  tailored to Thermomix ® provide the platform for preparing healthy nutritious meals for you and your family or friends. Thousands of recipes from all around the world  are available through recipe books, recipe chips or from recipe communities. Get inspired and produce a variety of meals tailored to your own requirements that will add to the enjoyment of eating good food.

There are different ways of preparing and cooking healthy, nutritious meals with Thermomix ®. Use the Guided Cooking feature and follow the simple instructions on the colourful screen which will walk you step by step through the preparation of the recipe with great results. Adapt your own recipes to Thermomix ® or select the time, temperature and speed manually to follow one of the many recipes from the Thermomix® cookbooks. Use the Thermomix ® as a tool to perform all the laborious tasks like preparing delicate sauces or kneading dough and help you create good food fast and easy.



Guided Cooking

Reliable recipes with step by step guidance

Classic Thermomix ® Cooking

Full control, ultimate versatility and unlimited culinary possibilities