fresh-delicious2Every Thermomix® recipe is broken down to simple to follow step by step instructions. Get the ingredients together and start cooking. Your Thermomix® will weigh the ingredients as you put them in the mixing bowl. It will cut, sauté ,mix and cook , you only need to set the function through the user friendly touchscreen display. Use ‘Reverse function’ for gentle stirring or puree your soup at a high speed to get a smooth, silky consistency.

Precise, constant temperature ensures that your food is cooked at the right temperature and continuous stirring transfers the heat equally in the bowl so the food is cooked faster and the nutrients are preserved. Any dish can be cooked effortless to perfection fast and easy leaving you with plenty of time to get through other tasks or relax.

There are thousands of Thermomix® recipes available that adapt existing dishes to be cooked with Thermomix®. However, once you understand how Thermomix® works you can adapt your own recipes as well.